We create so you can deliver

KiwiPack, based in Greater Manchester, supply food delivery bags to UK based restaurants, takeaways, eateries and fast food outlets that operate home delivery services.

We serve over 120 establishments in the UK and regularly provide pizza delivery bags, restaurant merchandise and hot food delivery bags to customers ranging from Chinese takeaways to Turkish restaurants and local delis.

Our wide range of thermally insulated food delivery enables our customers to transport hot food to their customers, ensuring the foods are piping hot upon arrival. Our aim is to create innovative packaging that helps our customers deliver the best to their customers, keeping them happy and satisfied.

We also work with catering companies, theme parks and wholesalers including cash-cand-carry outlets. Please get in touch if you are wanting to order items in large volumes.

Bags designed with YOUR customers in mind. It’s important that the delivered food arrives piping hot!

Insulated food bags minimise leaks and increase heat retention. We offer aluminium, plastic & recycled containers.

We also provide restaurant and takeaway utensils and cutlery. Please browse our shop to see our growing range.