Our hot food delivery bags will retain heat for 45 minutes, whilst our Pizza delivery bags will retain heat for 40 minutes.

To give a more scientific answer, once a hot food item has been placed inside our bag and it is then closed, there is an average of 6 to 8 degrees lost per hour. Once hot food has been inserted and the bag is closed there is an average of 5 degrees food temperature loss upon an average delivery time of 40 minutes.

So if a food item is entered in the bag at 90C, then after one hour, it will measure between 82C to 84C on average. This average is on the assumption that there are no other mitigating factors e.g. the transporting vehicle is adequately heated.

Can I print my takeaway’s logo on the bag?

Of course. For any of our bags, we charge £4.75 for an A5 logo to be printed on one side of the bag. The logo will be printed in white.

For any bulk orders (above 20 bags), we can get full colour A4 print for £5.95 per bag, but we’ll need a lead time of 28 days.

Once an order has been made, you must email us a PDF of the image to be used. You can also send us the image in PNG, JPEG or GIF format.

Can I put the bags in the washer machine?

It isn’t designed to be washed in a washer machine, but yes, but we ask that you wash the items in the cold cycle and that you do not mix the item with any light colours as the material colour is prone to bleeding. Please wash the items using the delicate setting.

For best maintenance and hygiene practice, use a damp cloth and wipe down.