Extra Large Pizza Delivery Bag Improvements

large backpack for pizza delivery on a bike

This Extra Large Pizza delivery backpack is an upgrade from the 2016 model. The latest model has had improvements in the following areas:

  • This years model is a little less cumbersome than the previous model
  • We’ve enhanced the strap material with a stronger double strap to prevent stress and rips.
  • We’ve inserted a rigid card support at the bottom of the bag. We made this improvement upon suggestions that the base of the bag had a tendency to sag.
  • More insulation in areas that were missing.

Why increase insulation to the XL Pizza Bag?

The fourth improvement is the most important. The insulation in the 2016 model was only present on five out of the six sides. The top foldover part had a thinner material of half an inch, as opposed to the 1.5 inches of polyester insulation on the bottom and four walls. Our customers had requested this upgrade i.e. the material didn’t give the impression that it was as strong as it could be.

Please note that this pizza delivery bag measures 20 x 20 x 13 inches (L x W x H) externally and 18.5 x 18.5 x 10 inches (L x W x H) as measured from the inside, so it is far more suited to your XL pizza sizes than for medium or small, generally speaking. Since the inside height measurement is 10 inches, this means that it is best to take several pizzas (or additional sold items) than just a single pizza. If taking a single pizza delivery, the pizza box will tend to move around. This is particularly the case if it’s being handled via a bike or moped delivery driver.

Can you deliver other items than Pizzas?

Sure you can. Customers have ordered this item for non-pizzeria orders. We had a client that wanted a large delivery for to transport cakes and gateaus. They found the size and insulating properties of this delivery bag to be ideal.

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