Takeaway Delivery Bag for 2018

We’re really excited to release our new takeaway delivery bag for 2018 – it’s a new product release and one that we’ve created from the ground up with our design partners.

We Used the Best Material for Thermal Insulation

On the inside of the bag, the thermal coated silver aluminium lining is anti-bacterial and is easy to clean. The material used is non-woven polyurethane. This is excellent for heat retention, and doesn’t allow heat to escape. A downside of this is that moisture doesn’t excape either, meaning that food could end up soggy, but fortunately, we’ve designed the bag in a way to have ventilation openings at the top of the bag.

The outer layer of the bag is made from a tough urethane material, available in black. We will be offering red or blue outer colours in summer of 2018. This outer urethane material is easy to wipe down clean.

Shaped in a Bag Design

The takeaway bag is designed in a way to envelope the inner carrier bag. This acts like a coat, meaning the insulating material is packed as closely as possible to the food containers.

The elasicated cord on the side pockets mentioned below also to bring the upper area of the bag close to the inner carrier bag – again ensuring a snug fit.

With other bag designs, especially the rectangular shaped designs, much of the air inside is being heated by the food. This is a flaw in the design as it means air is being circulated inside the bag. For example, would you want to wear a coat that is a few sizes too big for you or would you like to wear one that touches your skin and fits you snugly? Obviously, it’s the second option!

kiwipack delivery bag

Large Front Pocket

The front pocket is made of non-insulating material and is ideal to store menus, receipts, other bits of paper or loose change.

Two Side Pockets

Positioned on the left and right hand side of the bag, these two side pockets are large enough to hold cans of drink, tubs of ice cream and even 1 litre bottles of soft drinks.

The side pockets themselves are not insulated, but do not touch the hot food items inside the thermal bag.

Keep Food Hotter for Longer

Whether it’s for a delivery or foood to be picked up, the thermally coated inner lining keeps hot food hotter for longer. Using an embossed thermal reflective coating means that as much of the heat created stays inside the bag itself.


While we want to keep the food warm and fresh, we also want to reduce the levels of condensation that could build on the inside and especially on food that we want to keep crisp such as nan breads.

Have you ever heard any customer that says they love a soggy nan bread? No, me neither.

For that reason, there is a small amount of ventilation on the upper part of the bag next to the zip. These small ventilation holes will allow some moisture to escape, ensuring freshness when the order is delivered to your customers.

Durable, Long Lasting and Compact

the high quality exterior is designed so the item lasts a long time.

These bags are used by food couriers for major food delivery companies in the USA and Canada and the design of the bags is based on them.

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