How to keep food warm for deliveries?

Our customers are ever on the hunt for the holy grail of keeping food warm for deliveries. The obvious answer is to place the hot food item in a foam or cardboard or plastic container, and then put this container into an insulated warm bag. Obviously, these materials that touch the food item must pass all UK regulations i.e to prevent contaimination.

Suitable packaging is marked ‘for food contact’ or has a symbol on it that looks like a wine glass and a fork. Source:

Aluminimum foil paper wraps are good to keep food warm. This type of packaging dow not take up much space, is adaptable to the shape of the food and is particularly useful for wraps and burritos.

The material is low cost, offers ease of use and has good effectiveness.

While we do provide some really good takeaway delivery bags, any bag that has adequate levels of insulation would work. Even a bag designed as a drinks cooler will keep food warm due to the inherent insulatiing properties of the materials used.

The problem with some designs of delivery bags, in our eyes, is the bulkiness of the design. They are not always suited to delivery of food items unless the courier has a big enough vehicle.

What is the recommended temperature to keep food warm?

Hot food should normally be kept at 60C or higher.

If you do receive your delivery at a cooler temperature, you should heat up the dish. This is especially the case for meat and poultry based dishes i.e. to kill off any chance of bacteria developing at lukewarm tempteratures.

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