New Delivery Bag for 2017

An update from the bags we’ve been offering in 2016: we’ve introduced a more streamline and sturdier delivery bag. You may ask, why change something that is already successful? Well, we wanted to improve on the product and to make it even better than it already has been.

blue thermal bag for food deliveryWhy the changes to a successful item?

The change includes removing the full rectangular zip at the top i.e. having a long zip that runs from left to right. The reason for this is twofold:

  • It means the zip is less prone to breakage; it’s just one action of pulling the in one direction, as opposed to three.
  • It brings in the foil element closer to the shape of the paper bag contained within the delivery bag. This will give better insulation.

Some of our customers have commented that the upper area may now constrict the space for poppadoms. We haven’t found this to be the case in practice. The material is still as flexible and there is plenty of ‘give’ for any items placed at the top.

new delivery bag

The bag is also now using a slighter thicker seam, meaning it is less prone to collapsing in on itself. This was a cause of irritation for some customers. So we’ve improved on something that was the source of complaints in the past.

new delivery bag

The inner insulation material is the same as the one used in last year’s model, and can retain heat for up to 35 minutes.

new delivery bagOrder your new delivery bag and keep customers happy!

And as per last year’s model, the bag is foldable, meaning it saves space for our takeaway and restaurant partners when the item is not being used. You will also see that the bag continues to incorporate a 15cm x 24cm front pocket which allows customers to place bills, menus or loose change when delivering an order.

The 2017 simple hot food delivery bag is now available to order, so please provide us with more feedback. We’ll be happy to make helpful changes for the next model.

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